Pelicans Lunches


Our sandwich platters are £2.50 per person for a round of sandwiches each (4 small triangles) or £3.50 for a round and a half each (6 small triangles).

A £5.50 savoury platter consists of a platter of mixed sandwiches (one round per person) and at least 6 pieces of finger food per person.

Examples of finger food include: mini quiche, mini sausage rolls, mini spring rolls, samosas, bhajees, mozzarella sticks, filo prawns, tempura prawns, chicken satay, chicken split sticks, cheese and onion pastries.  For the £5.50 platter you receive a mixture subject to availability however we can provide for particular dietary requirements.

An £8.50 platter is everything in the savoury platter plus a selection of finger fruit (bananas, melon, strawberries, blueberries, grapes etc.) and a minimum of two mini cakes per person such as macaroons, brownies, flapjacks, banana muffins, carrot cake, teacakes.  Again subject to availability.

Our lunch time platters are delivered to you on our plastic covered, stackable trays.  We would be happy to receive these trays back rather than have them go to landfill.  If you would like us to collect them please let us know.