We charge £150 for the hire of the room or £100 with catering from us (to a value of over £100).  Please check the date with us before


The room is only available for private parties on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday as the club closes at 8pm.  The maximum number of guests allowed in the clubroom is 100.  It may be possible for charity organisations to organise something mid week as long as the club members are invited – we cannot refuse access to members during club opening hours.  We do not take bookings for birthday parties under 18 years old.

At private evening parties you can self cater or purchase catering from us (see our outside catering menu).  If you self cater you must bring everything including plates etc. and you must clear everything up yourself.  Failure to do so will incur a charge.


We have a fully stocked bar but we can ensure that we have any particular drinks that you would like for your party if you let us know. 
We can provide welcome drinks.  Prosecco is charged at £19.95 per bottle, wine at £13.95 per bottle and we can quote for other drinks such as jugs of Pimms or Sangria.  We can also run a tab, a free bar to a limit or take vouchers in lieu of drinks payment.  If you would like to bring your own drink we charge £10 per bottle corkage.  We do not recommend welcome drinks for 18th birthday parties.


DJ / Band
If you would like to have a DJ or band for your party you can arrange yourself but we do have a few DJs of different types/costs that we can recommend to you.  This is payable directly to the DJ.  DJs/Bands can set up any time from 6pm on the day of the party and we ask that sound checks at this time be kept to a minimum.  Musicians/DJs MUST remove all of their equipment on the day.  We need the room clear for the next morning and cannot guarantee the location or condition of any equipment left.  It is your responsibility to ensure that they know this. 


If you would like to decorate the room prior to your party this can be done any time after 6pm.  We will have started to rearrange the furniture as will be required for the event.  You may put up banners/photos/balloons/ceiling decorations but please avoid table sprinkles and streamers etc. on the wooden tables as when these get wet with drinks the colour soaks into the wood.  Please be sensitive to anyone still in the club room –ask the staff if there is anything that you want put up and we can do it for you prior to the party.


Start/Finish Times

Parties can start any time from 7pm although the club remains open until 8pm so we cannot guarantee the party being private until that time.  We would not be serving food to members at that time however there may still be a few people at the bar.The bar must close at 12.45am.  In the interests of our staff getting home at a reasonable hour we will start clearing and cleaning the room at 1am.


18th and 21st birthday parties

Unlike many venues we do cater for 18th birthday parties HOWEVER we insist on you using Principle Security.  This is for everyone’s protection.  We also ask that parents/responsible adults attend for the whole evening.  A security firm will provide two staff members for 21st birthday parties and three for 18th parties - two of which patrol the site indoor and out and the other that controls entry.  All invitees who are 18 and over will get a wrist band so that we can check who we are serving.  This protects everyone from damage to the property/underage drinking/uninvited guests attending etc.  We don’t recommend welcome drinks for 18th birthday parties.  18th parties are allowed a MAXIMUM of 80 attendees.  Security will count people in and numbers over 80 will not be allowed in so don’t invite more people to avoid disappointment.



If you want to have some sort of get together at Pelicans during the day (for example we have catered post christenings, baby showers and wakes), we do not charge for the room but you are not permitted to self cater (with the exception of a cake).  The room will not be private but we are able to make an area at the back of the room for you and your guests.